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The Art of Tea Ceremony
TI: take a few sips and experience the tea radition in a new way.
Tea ceremony is a real layer of an ancient and mysterious culture. This is not just enjoying a delicious and healthy drink, but a real ritual. During the tea ceremony, everything is immersed in peace and tranquility. The time seems to stop. In the modern world, tea acquires new traditions. You can feel the atmosphere of a new tea culture by tasting Ti ice tea.

Ti ice tea charges you with vivacity and activity. Thanks to modern processing technologies, green and black teas in ti remain unchanged in their taste.
Invigorating Ti Black Tea & Lemon
Black tea with lemon is a combination of ancient tea cultures and European traditions. The enchanting taste of black tea and the invigorating note of lemon combine to create an excellent combination.
Ti Ice Black Tea & Lemon is a great restorative that sets the right positive mood for the whole day!
1.25 l / 0.5 l
Stimulating Ti Green Tea
Green tea is considered one of the most delicious ancient drinks. In its homeland in China, it appeared about 5 thousand years ago. The drink has an exquisite aroma and unique taste.
Ti Ice Green Tea awakens and energizes for the whole day. Experience the history of the taste of green tea!
1.25 l / 0.5 l
Gourmet Ti
Black Tea & Peach
Delicious black tea with a delicate peach
aroma, giving extremely positive emotions.
This Ti tea is for those who like to find a
secret meaning in ordinary things. Ti Ice Tea
Peach gives great taste and good mood!
1.25 l / 0.5 l
Tea Coconut-Lychee
The exotic taste of cold black tea TI coconut-lychee will give you unique emotions. The sweet creamy taste and aroma of coconut combined with a delicate and mild lychee will take you to a paradise island, covering you with a wave of true pleasure. Try this iced tea TI and feel the touch of Southeast Asian culture.
1.25 л / 0.5 л
Green Tea Ti Strawberry
Green tea with bright notes of garden and wild strawberry gives true pleasure and tones up. This drink is full of fresh berries' taste and unique flavor. It chills, invigorates and gives a boost of strength for the whole day. Plunge into the waves of positive and wonderful mood with Ice Tea Ti.
1.25 л / 0.5 л
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by JSC Kalinov Rodnik

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